Ready to shoot! Turn on the lights and get started

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  • Shadow-free green-screen cove
  • Blue screen, black molton or individual backgrounds as an option
  • Dimensions of the studio are approx 10 m X 8 m, height 4,5 m
  • Sufficient space for several people shown head-to-toe to stand side-by-side and/or move about freely
  • Dimensions of the green box: Floor space approx. 6 m X 6 m, height 3,5 m
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  • Makeup area with mirror and glare-free lighting
  • Pre-installed lighting for the decisive reduction of set-up times – simply turn on the lights and get started
  • Extensive rigging above the studio space for additional lighting, if needed
  • Lighting, grip, dolly and jibs available on demand
  • Calm and quiet environment for sound recording above the rooftops of Berlin, far from the traffic
  • Nearly sound-proofed studio, even suitable for live recording of music
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  • Large freight elevator
  • Air conditioning system
  • Courtyard parking for clients and actors
  • Spacious break room with tea kitchen
  • Close to Berlin’s popular “Bergmannkiez” neighbourhood in Kreuzberg
  • Teleprompter available on demand
  • Live Streaming with dedicated ip, ultra-short ping and up to 100 MBit speed available
  • When you lease our studios, a studio manager is always on site to answer your questions and to attend to all the built-in technology.
  • We are also more than happy to provide a professional crew, including a blue-box cameraman, sound engineers, lighting technicians, assistants and a makeup artist. Tell us what you need.